Kids look up to their elders and want to dress like them too.It's a Keppel Kind of Day design has been produced to catch the feel our of coastal area. Ther is something about the feeling you get when the coastal blue hues come into sight at the top of the hill when driving into Yeppoon. Slight breeze, feel of the salt air,  sand between your toes; yep It's a Keppel kind of day. If it fits wear it! Great for kids as the fabric is comfortable for what ever they will be doing.

Keppel Kind of Day (Kids)

Color: Navy Blue
  • Our designs are printed on quality 190 gm 100% Combed Cotton: an extremely soft and comfortable version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The Capricorn Line t-shirts and tanks are imported by Sportage: all their products are Fairtrade compliant. You'll love wearing them out.

    For longevity of the garment please adhere to the recommended washing instructions.