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The name 'First Turkey' captures the attention the everyone who hears it. Forged in sweat and heat 'First Turkey' was created as an emergency water hole should the enemy advance as far as Rockhampton. Fast forward now, this area has been opened up to one of the countries most challenging series of downhill mountain bike tracks. This design is available in 3 combinations as seen in the images. I'm told the blue shirts make you fo faster.

First Turkey

  • Our designs are printed on quality 190 gm 100% Combed Cotton: an extremely soft and comfortable version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The Capricorn Line Apparel t-shirts  are imported by Sportage: all their products are Fairtrade compliant. You'll love wearing them out.

    For longevity of the garment please adhere to the recommended washing instructions. Please do not add softener when washing our t-shirts.

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